Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Creepy Crawlies

Eeewww, eeewww, EEEWWW!!! I had a very yucky conversation this afternoon with the manager of our RV park.

Here are two disturbing things I learned:

The dead birds we have occasionally seen around the park were killed by scorpions. Apparently, birds think scorpions are a tasty treat but sometimes the scorpion will sting the bird before it can kill the creepy little thing. The sting is fatal to birds. What is the remedy for scorpions? Cats. And chickens. Now I know why I hear roosters every morning even though we are in town. I think I want my chickens back!

There used to be a big banana tree in the park. The owner had it cut down because they had a hard time controlling the tarantula population. Tarantulas love banana trees. And pigeons love tarantulas. There are quite a few pigeons in the park. Makes me think twice about what they are eating.

It's time for bed. Please excuse me while I shake out all the bedsheets, round up some stray cats and catch some pigeons.

When are we going back to Oregon?!?

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Dawn Shelton said...

That is one reason I like MN!! Mosquitos don't look so bad now, eh?