Friday, March 30, 2007

Index Cards

Recently our library was giving away a huge box of old National Geographic magazines. Every time we visited we would take a few home. I think we were the only ones who ever took any. We ended up with a big stack. Whenever I read a book to my daughter, we talk about the different animals we see in the book. Then we look through the magazines and cut out pictures of animals we saw. My daughter glues each of these pictures onto an index card and I write the name of the animal on the card. She loves getting these cards out and looking through them. Sometimes I ask her to sort them according to color or size, or whether or not the animal can fly, anything to get her thinking about their differences.

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Lee Shelton said...

Keep that up and pretty soon you'll have a smart, educated child on your hands, totally incapable of ever fitting into the mold society has carved out for her. Bad, bad anti-establishment mommy!