Saturday, March 10, 2007

What Are We Doing Here?

My husband is a hard worker. He was a union carpenter for about 20 years. A person's body can only take so much physical labor and so many falls from scaffolding before slowing down. About five years ago my husband started selling RVs. Much easier on the body. Of course, those great union benefits disappeared (like medical insurance) but the pay increased a little. Selling RVs during the rainy winter in Oregon isn't a great job. Many days not a single customer comes through the doors. During these lulls, salesmen tell stories of a far away place where it rarely rains and money flows freely...Arizona. After much consideration, my husband decided he wanted to work in Arizona for a winter and see if there was any truth to these tall tales he had heard.

So we were faced with a decision. We could all go with my husband or stay home. Actually the decision wasn't very hard. The kids and I are adventurous and we didn't like the thought of missing Daddy for three or four months. But it's funny how comfortable we get with our lives. I had a real problem with leaving things behind. Even when those things will still be there when we get back. What if I needed that book? That pot? That piece of clothing? What about
tae kwon do and piano lessons? (Actually the one thing I didn't bring that I regret is my sewing machine. I could have made another quilt by now!) And then the real doubts begin: can we really live in a motorhome and not want to kill each other after two days? how homesick will we get? how can we possibly stand to live in TOWN?!

Well, it's been 90 days and still counting. We haven't killed each other yet! It's actually has been a good thing for our family. Even though we were already close, we have become closer. We've been getting plenty of exercise since many places are within walking distance. That is one nice thing about living in town. Although I very much miss our quiet 20 acres out in the fertile Oregon countryside.


Karen said...

What a great adventure! Hope it also turns out to be profitable.

And, um, Oregon was one of the places we were looking to relocate to. But all that rain...?

Christy said...

It doesn't rain in Oregon nearly as much as people think. Okay, I remember one February where it rained all but 2 days but the summers are quite dry and rarely too hot.

We live in western Oregon. I miss the green! The forests are beautiful and we love picking all the wild blackberries in the late summer. Everyone has rose bushes in their yards as well as rhododendrons. And there are so many U-pick farms with just about any kind of produce you can imagine. Our grocery bill is much smaller there!

Dy said...

Oh, what a delightful adventure!! WONDERFUL.