Sunday, April 29, 2007

Dust Storm

Yesterday we experienced our first Arizona dust storm. And our first 100+ degree day here in the Valley of the Sun. I was outside when I noticed the dark clouds in the eastern sky. My first thought was, "Great! Rain! It will cool off." Then I noticed in front of the dark clouds were lower light brown clouds. A few wind gusts came up and then it started. Suddenly the wind blew hard and the air was filled with dust. It seemed like a light fog had settled over our area.

My kids were outside playing with a couple of neighbor kids when the storm hit. The older kids started screaming (in excitement rather than fear) but my 5 year old son started to cry. I think he wasn't sure what to do. I grabbed my son and my 3 year old daughter and put them inside the motorhome. They stood on chairs and watched out of the window as I tried to roll up our awning. Putting an awning up is hard to do when the wind is rocking the motorhome back and forth and jerking the awning up, down and all around. The awning would blow upwards, looking like a parachute. I would have to wait until the wind pushed it down again before I could lower the arms. Before the neighbors could get their awning up, the wind ripped it completely off. Once there was nothing more they could do for their awning, they ran over and helped me put mine away.

I was hoping we would see one of the famous monsoons after the dust storm passed but we didn't. No sweet rain to wash off the layer of dust that covered everything once the storm finally passed about 45 minutes later. It did cool down about 10 degrees though!

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