Saturday, June 23, 2007

Gluten-Free Waffles

I made a nice discovery at our local Super Walmart. While browsing the frozen foods section, a box of waffles caught my eye. The words Wheat-Free were large across the front of the box: Van's All-Natural Wheat-Free Waffles. These waffles are also vegan (dairy-free and eggless), no trans fat and no cholesterol. And the price was only $1.88 for a box of 6. The same price as a box of 8 Eggos. Much cheaper than most gluten-free products.

The ingredients are recognizable too: water, brown rice flour, potato starch, rice flour, pear/pineapple/peach sweetener (no sugar added!), canola oil, baking powder, salt, soy flour, soy lecithin, guar gum (the binder in most wheat-free baked goods). There's 5 grams of fiber in two waffles.

I know what you are thinking: 'yeah, but how do they taste?' They taste great! Perfect for soaking up melted butter and syrup! I'm already thinking they would be a nice base for a gluten-free strawberry "shortcake". Walmart only carried the Original flavor. I checked out their website and the waffles come in Blueberry, Apple Cinnamon, Flax, Buckwheat (with Wild Berries) and Mini-sized.

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mshel333 said...

I'm going to look for some right away. Sounds good! We've been eating a lot of waffles lately.