Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Mystery Bird

Thanks to Colleen, KPM and Ria at The Well-Trained Mind boards for identifying this bird for me! It's a female sparrow hawk, aka American Kestrel.

Sunday night we noticed a bird hanging out by the fence between our RV park and the community pool. A smaller bird didn't like this at all and kept harassing this larger bird. The larger bird would occasionally move away but for the most part he stayed on the fence. My husband walked up to get a closer look and the bird flew at his face, causing my husband to drop the chicken leg he was eating. Maybe that was the bird's plan all along. Obviously it is a bird of prey but we don't know what kind. Any ideas?

It looks fairly young and can turn its head to look directly behind him. It was starting to scare my son by landing on the ground next to him and hopping towards him. I don't know if the bird would hurt him but I talked to the manager's at the park to call someone to catch the bird. I think he may have an injured wing and that is why he has been hanging around.

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