Sunday, July 1, 2007

Baby Shoes

Our 15-month-old daughter finally got her first pair of shoes. My other three kids rarely wore shoes as toddlers. My now 6-year-old's favorite pair of shoes when he was small was his pair of rubber rain boots. During an Oregon winter, rubber rain boots are the only pair of shoes a person needs. Arizona is much different though. When it is 110 degrees outside, the ground gets pretty hot too. Besides the heat are nasty little stickers. They easily puncture the sole of your foot. Ouch!

Our little baby loves her new shoes. She wants to sleep with them and she is constantly taking them off and putting them on. She wants to walk everywhere now. Yesterday at the community pool, she fussed because I took them off of her. Since they are so lightweight, I let her keep them on in the pool. She took them off and tossed them in the water. She squealed with delight when I carried her close enough to reach them as they floated in the pool. I hope we haven't created another Imelda Marcos.

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Heather said...

Your little one's shoe story sounds quite familiar! We walked by a display of those shoes the other day and my 21mo screamed, "SHOE! SHOE! SHOE!" then started ripping off his sandles. LOL!!

(Heather in OK from the WTM boards)