Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Children's Hospital

I know what I want to do to get my "baby fix" when my youngest is grown: volunteer at a children's hospital.

For the past day and a half our 3-year old daughter was at the Phoenix Children's Hospital. She was diagnosed with a kidney stone awhile back and we have been waiting to see if she would pass it. At about one o'clock Monday morning, she woke up my husband and me, complaining about stomach pain. Then the vomiting started. I took her to the emergency room where she was immediately given pain medication and fluids. A CT scan confirmed the stone had moved from the kidney to just before the bladder. By Tuesday morning she was released but the stone is still there. The doctor is hopeful it will pass quickly and no surgery will be required.

This morning our daughter didn't want to leave the hospital after she was discharged. On her floor was a play room. Outside the door are some ride-on toys and little chairs. Inside the play room are games, books, puzzles, toys, crafts and all kinds of fun things to do. The play room is open three sessions a day. For each session there is a volunteer who works with another employee and helps care for the kids. Each time we were in the play room, there were at least three little babies. These sweet little babies have feeding tubes and IVs. And they were so sweet and snuggly. As a volunteer I could hold and squeeze each one for at least an hour!


by Keri said...

I love babies too!
There is nothing like a baby...
Children seem to grow so quickly.
Kidney stones...that must have been scary!

mshel333 said...

I have always wanted to volunteer at a hospital nursery! I hope some day you and I both will have that opportunity.