Friday, September 14, 2007

Weekly Report 2

Today we did a nature study...finally! Um, it actually took place inside. (It looks like maybe by the end of next week our high temps will be below 100.) Nature came to us. We couldn't possibly have ignored that. We studied an insect--the white-lined sphinx moth. The other night it flew into our motorhome and my husband killed it (after it landed on our 6-year-old son's nose and there was much screaming and flailing of arms by said 6-year-old). I saved it for today when we could take a closer look at it.

I think Charlotte Mason advocates that each child have his or her own nature notebook. We will have to work on that. Right now I do the writing and we all sketch our own picture. From upper left, going clockwise, we have my sketch, my 9-year-old's sketch, my 6-year-old's sketch and my 3 (4 on Sunday!) year-old's sketch. My 6-year-old made sure to include the moth's broken wing. Poor moth. We also learned how the animal kingdom is classified.

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