Wednesday, October 31, 2007


We tried to liven things up around here today. We had fun with our food today.

For breakfast I made ghost waffles. I used half-melted ice cream to make the ghosts and used chocolate syrup for the eyes. I wrote "Boo" on each plate with maple syrup. The kids loved them. Well, it's not every day they get to eat ice cream at breakfast.

For lunch we had deviled eggs and bones in the graveyard (apple slices piled on my pitiful excuse for dulce de leche I tried to make from sweetened condensed milk). I also made some pumpkin rolls. The rolls weren't a big hit. And bat's blood to drink. It tasted suspiciously like strawberry-lemonade.

For supper we had rolled cobwebs filled with spiders (shredded beef and black bean enchiladas) and zombie fingers (green beans).

After supper we took the kids trick-or-treating. We had a skeleton, Sleeping Beauty, a skeleton pirate (don't all skeleton pirates wear rain boots? those decks can get awfully wet), and a little bunny. Usually my husband and I dress up too but this year we just didn't get around to costumes.

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Sis said...

Boy, that's the lucky thing about trick-or-treating in Arizona - no layering, just costumes looking good! Your kids look so cute.

Sara looked about twice as wide as normal with multiple layers and a jacket underneath her Dorothy outfit. I laughed so hard. The other two had capes (Zorro & the Pauper from The Princess & the Pauper), so they didn't look funny. Well, Sara still looked good, but just so changed from her bean pole self.