Friday, November 2, 2007

Weekly Report 6

With everything that happened last week, I didn't get to write a report. Last week we finished up Week 10 and did most of Week 11. This week we finished Week 11 and Week 12. The end of Week 12 also marks the end of Term 1. That means we will be starting a new composer and new artist.

On Tuesdays we meet at a local park with other homeschoolers in the West Valley. The kids have an organized physical activity and then we eat a picnic lunch together. On the first Friday of the month we have book club. Each child brings a book he has read (or Mom read to him) and shares it. Homeschooling doesn't give a kid much opportunity to speak in front of a group so this helps. My 9 yo shared Understood Betsy. My 6 yo shared Mat, one of the Bob Books. He has been able to read this book since he was 4 and thinks of it as his very own, most favorite book. Our 4 yo shared Gus and Button. The story is a little silly but the pictures are very cool. All of the characters and scenery are carved from vegetables. I had to help her out at first but then she got the hang of sharing a book and showed the pictures to everyone. After everyone spoke, one of the moms read a book, The Giving Tree, and the kids did a craft. The craft was making a bookmark decorated with real leaves. Since there was painting involved, I made the kids wear old shirts over their clothes. The other day I left them alone with paint for a few minutes. When I came back into the kitchen, they were covered with it.

The book club meeting was probably the highlight of our last two weeks.

Our 9 yo started learning fractions. He is almost done with Singapore book 3B. We've also been using daily timed math tests to cement those multiplication facts. He tests for his brown belt in tae kwon do this next week. For his test he also has to know answers to questions like "Explain the five tenets of tae kwon do" so we have been working on those as well. (The five tenets of tae kwon do are: courtesy is always being kind and humble to others, integrity is always being honest and having a strong sense of right and wrong, perseverance is always being patient and diligent to achieve my goals, self-control is always being in control of my emotions and my surroundings, an indomitable spirit is when confronted with injustice, always deal with the situation without fear of reprisal.) Not bad values to be learning.

Last week our 6 yo started Year 1 of Ambleside. He enjoys it. He thinks I'm just reading him stories instead of teaching him anything. He likes listening to stories on Librivox so if I can find the selected reading there, I let him listen to it while I work with his older brother on math or spelling.

This next week will be exam week. I want to see how well the kids are remembering what we are learning. I thought it would be fun to also have a few hands-on activities later in the week as well in order to review things we have covered. Maybe we will have a medieval dinner or review fractions with pizza (or, better yet, pie!). The oral exams will no doubt show me areas we need to review. I'm sure understanding of the dreaded long division will be sorely lacking.

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