Friday, February 15, 2008

Nature Study

I feel like we never get to nature study. I have it scheduled for Fridays but by the end of the week, we don't seem to have the time or energy needed for this subject. Not all is lost though.

During the week we do spend time outdoors and I found a couple of great picture books that even my two older boys enjoy.

The first one is Bedtime in the Southwest. It's a funny look at how southwest critters might behave when Mama and Papa tell them it's time for bed.

The second one is Way Out in the Desert. It is new words to the old song Over in the Meadow. It's a great, gentle introduction to ten southwest animals as well as different Sonoran desert plants.

The other night, outside our boys' tae kwon do gym, our 4-year-old daughter was inspecting some of the flowers. Suddenly she ran over to me, yelling excitedly, "I saw a bird! It had the long pointy nose for drinking juice from the flowers!" I asked, "A hummingbird?" "YES!" she yelled.
We have been doing Nature Study, we just didn't know it.

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my5wolfcubs said...

That's great! My little boys pulled some weeds up from alongside the road while we were waiting for a car repair a week or 2 ago. The roots looked different from each other, so I pulled out my iPhone and looked up root types. We need to do more nature study too!
:) Lee