Tuesday, June 17, 2008

New Job

Life has been so busy lately. We have moved and my husband and I are now managing an RV park. I handle the office work. We will see how this works with homeschooling thrown in the mix! We set up a desk in the corner of the office to give the kids a spot to work. The office is connected to the house so I can keep an eye on the kids not doing schoolwork. Summer is the slow season here in the Sonoran Desert. (Today it is supposed to be 113. No wonder people head out of here in droves when summer hits!) Slow means I'm having time to learn the job and get the kids into a routine before it gets busy around here.

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Dawn S. said...

hmmm...133 degrees...I guess I will stay here where we have the other end of the extremes! Good luck as you adjust - you are such a quick learner you will be fine!