Friday, July 25, 2008

Weekly Report 7

Well, I have been really lousy at these Weekly Reports! This new job of ours is taking much more time that I had anticipated. It has been a good thing though. We have always lived out in the country where our kids were free to roam. Since moving to Arizona, we stayed in our RV and then moved into a house for a few months. Living in a suburban house was not all that fun for us. The kids were used to running around outside and had to get used to being inside. Our backyard was dirt. No landscaping, trees, grass. Kind of boring.

Now we are back at the RV park but the kids are much more active outside. Our oldest is 10 and has taken on most of the responsibility of mowing the grass. Most days he spends about an hour mowing. Even our 4 year old daughter has a chore outside. Every morning she goes out and picks up all the old grapefruit and oranges that have fallen from the trees. She throws them into a bucket and one of the boys takes it to the garbage. The boys rake and pick up the piles. They like having things to keep them busy outside...most days they like it!

Our oldest would prefer to work outside than read. We are working on that reading bit. I've actually seen some glimmer of hope! Right now he is reading King of the Wind. He seems halfway interested. The other day we read about Henry VII. When we were finished with our history lesson, my son actually started asking questions. In the four years we have been homeschooling, this was the first time we didn't end our history lesson with, "Good! Are we finally done?!" There is hope after all!


mshel333 said...

Nice to hear the kids like living back at the RV park and are enjoying doing little chores every day. I'm sure the enjoyment of reading will come in time...if he's anything like his parents and grandparents!

SharlaDawn said...

BWAHAHAHAHA! I can just see that little stinker saying "are we done?"