Sunday, August 24, 2008

New Assignment Books

We have all been very sick this past week. We are still recovering. So what does a homeschool mom do when she is too weak to do much except lay around all day? Why, more planning of course!

I put together checklists and organized the assignments for my two boys. I bought them each a three-ring binder and made them each a cover sheet using a picture from their readings. The boys colored them. (You can see my younger one is still learning his spelling rules. "Mom, we can't end an English word with an 'i' so I added the silent E." "Or we change the 'i'..." "OH! *smacks forehead* I should have changed it to a 'y'!")

In each book I put their weekday schedule, showing them which subjects we study on what days. There is also a calendar to mark off each day we do school. Another page helps them keep track of which week of the curriculum we are doing. Last week my 7 yo finished week 26 of Ambleside's Year 1 and my oldest finished week 1 of Year 3. I've also discovered that my kids love checklists. It's a great way for them to see progress and also they know ahead of time what we need to accomplish that day. (Each of the kids are also color-coded. 10 yo is red, 7 yo is yellow, and 4 yo is green.) (And I have uploaded this photo three times and it stills comes out sideways.)

For Bible, we started at the beginning and are hitting all the major stories in the Bible. We are up to the story of Saul becoming king. We are also reading through the book Leading Little Ones to God by Marian Schoolland. It is an excellent book of basic theology for children. The boys had fun embellishing their checklists.

Even our 4 yo daughter has a binder. She has the Bible readings checklist, Leading Little Ones to God checklist, and the Music checklist. She sits in on all those subjects. She prefers to color all of her boxes in the checklist with a pink marker. We do Music three days a week. Monday is for Hymns (one hymn every month). Tuesday is Classical Music. We listen to a new piece every two weeks but only one composer per term. Wednesdays are Folksongs, a new one every term, which is 12 weeks.

And then how do you keep the kids occupied while you lay on the couch, exhausted and sipping Pedialyte, because, of course, they recover so much faster than you? Well, that's when my favorite subject is handicrafts and life skills. Our oldest loves working with his hands. Someone gave us an office chair but the frame was slightly bent. He did get it back together but couldn't get the frame straight again.

This keeps my 2 yo occupied for a very long time. And the carpet looks so much better when she is finished! (Actually, she saw me sweeping the kitchen floor and ran to get the small canister vacuum out of the closet by herself.)

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