Friday, November 7, 2008

Weekly Report 9

The most exciting thing this past week is that our 7-year-old graduated from Year 1 of Ambleside to Year 2. One thing we have kept from Year 1 is reading a poem every morning. We like all the crazy, goofy poems we have read so far.

Many winter people have now come into our RV park so my days are crazy busy. The boys aren't doing too well with staying on task with the distractions. The assignment books have helped some. For my oldest I have also started writing out his daily tasks. He needs the additional structure.

Today the boys got to spend the morning outside painting their new clubhouse their dad finished on Thursday. The girls will get to use it too. Our oldest is already planning on how he wants to paint the interior.

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mshel333 said...

That is so cool!! They need a place of their own. Sounds like they have big plans for that clubhouse. I hope their imaginations go wild!