Friday, July 24, 2009

Rhode Island and Connecticut State Dinner

NY System Hot Weiners
New England coleslaw
Coffee milk (official state beverage of Rhode Island)
Connecticut apple pie

This dinner was a hit! The kids loved the coffee milk. I made my own coffee syrup using this recipe. I made it with decaf coffee. Our boys who prefer cold hot dogs actually liked these hot dogs topped with mustard, meat sauce, chopped onion and sprinkled with celery salt. We are enjoying eating our way across the US!

New York System Hot Weiners (or Gaggers) are a unique Rhode Island dish, despite the name. One story says that Greek immigrants working at Coney Island brought the food with them and added "New York" to the name hoping to capitalize on New York's reputation for good food. Coleslaw is a dish that went from the Dutch to the English and then on to New England. Coffee milk was voted the official state beverage of Rhode Island in 1993. It has been a popular drink in New England, Rhode Island in particular, since the 1930s. Apples are a big crop in Connecticut. Every year there is a state-wide apple pie contest at the state fair.

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