Sunday, August 2, 2009

Weekend Decorating Project

I've become obsessed with decorating shows. I had my wisdom teeth out a week and a half ago and I spent several days in bed watching DIY and HGTV. It was great!

This was my weekend project. I had a nasty, cheap bookcase I was using in the bathroom. The bathroom is quite small and the bookcase at least fit the space. I finally decided to go with a travel theme for the bathroom and got an idea on how I could disguise the ugly bookcase.

I sanded it and stained it. The stain didn't take like I wanted it to but it worked out in the end. I went shopping at Goodwill on their 50% off everything day and bought an old brown leather suitcase and two pillow shams. At JoAnn Fabrics I bought some upholstery tacks and three baskets (at 50% off--yay!). I cut up the suitcase and cut strips from the leather. I used the upholstery tacks to attach them to the bookcase. I used the material from the pillow shams to cover the back of the bookcase. I used decoupage glue and it seems to hold fine. My husband helped me take apart the handle so I could reattach it to the side. I printed out some pictures of vintage travel labels and decoupaged them to the sides. It was a fun project and turned something plain and boring into an interesting piece!

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mshel333 said...

Okay, so that was the project! I love it! I'm getting another bookcase for the bedroom, but mine won't be as interesting as yours. Keep up the good work! Looks great!