Saturday, October 2, 2010

Louisiana State Dinner...and Breakfast and Lunch

Beignets and cafe au lait

Fried shrimp po-boys
French fries
milk with nectar soda syrup

garlic French bread
Barq's root beer
Bananas Foster

My dad was born and raised in New Orleans. My parents married there and taught in a one-room school house down in the bayou near Port Sulphur. My older brother and I were also born in New Orleans. We moved to Minnesota when I was still young, but we carried all the great food recipes with us. Food from this area holds so many memories for me. I've eaten beignets and sipped cafe au lait at Cafe Du Monde in the French Quarter. My brother and I used to sneak into my grandmother's refrigerator on her front porch and drink nectar soda syrup straight from the bottle. Family get-togethers always had amazing food: boiled crawfish, gumbos, and etoufee. One of the first places we would stop when we visited New Orleans was some little hole in the wall place for a po-boy. My favorite was the roast beef.

We decided to have a whole day of Louisiana food
and we still didn't even begin to cover all the famous and unique foods from this area: mirliton casserole, jambalaya, red velvet cake, red beans and rice, muffulettas, king cake, boudin, dirty rice, pralines, bread pudding, shrimp creole, not to mention all the different types of gumbos (seafood or chicken? filé or okra?).

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mshel333 said...

As usual, your posts make my mouth water. :) What a great idea: eating your way across the USA without leaving Arizona! And you seem to be successful in finding the ingredients you need. Glad you had safe delivery of tonight's dessert!