Friday, August 5, 2011

South Dakota State Dinner

Chislic with crackers
Fry bread (official state bread) with honey
Wild blueberries, plum and cherries
Milk (official state beverage)
Apple kuchen (official state dessert)

Chislic is a food that is apparently unheard of outside of South Dakota. Chislic is chunks of seasoned meat that has been deep fried. I used beef. Other choices include lamb, venison, and elk. Before frying, I sprinkled it with a simple seasoning of garlic powder, salt and pepper.

Fry bread has become a popular Native American treat. The honey bee is the official state insect of South Dakota so we chose to use honey as a topping. Toppings can be savory, like taco fixings, to sweet, like berry syrup or powdered sugar.

Blueberries, plums and chokecherries all grow wild in South Dakota. I don't have access to wild plums or chokecherries so we just cut up some plums and cherries and mixed them with wild blueberries that are readily available frozen at the grocery store.

For the apple kuchen I used the official state recipe. The family loved it! In fact, they loved all the food.

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Elisabeth said...

Oooo, we had the most delicious fry bread tacos at the Leech Lake Pow-Wow over the 4th of July weekend up in Cass Lake one year. Mmmmm . . . I might need to make that this week!