Friday, October 26, 2007

Sad News

We received sad news yesterday when I went in for a prenatal visit. We estimated I should be 12 weeks along. The doctor did a quick ultrasound in the office and didn't like what she saw. She said that everything was looking small. She immediately sent me across the street to the hospital to have a more thorough ultrasound done. The second ultrasound revealed what the doctor guessed--no heartbeat or bloodflow could be detected from the baby. If I don't miscarry over the weekend, I am scheduled for a D&C on Monday.

On Thursday our 9 yo son overheard me say something to my husband. He asked what was going on. We explained that we learned that the baby I was carrying had died. He looked a little puzzled and said, "How did that happen?" We said that we didn't know but that sometimes that happens. I had recently read that the chance of miscarriage increases when the mother is over 35. I leaned back on the bed and whined, "I'm too old!" He sat next to me and said, "That's not true. Remember that lady who had a baby when she was like 100?" (A reference to Abraham and Sarah!) I'm happy he is remembering the Bible verses we have been reading. I had to laugh and answer, "Well, that was a very special case! That doesn't normally happen to women who are 100 years old!" He had probably been wondering why Grandma isn't having any more babies.

I'll have to update my stick family. :(


Anonymous said...

We love you sweetheart and remember that every life is precious, no matter how brief. The Lord has something special planned for that little one.

And tell Roy that Grandma isn't having any more babies because Papa Lee is getting too old. ;^)

my5wolfcubs said...

I am so sorry! ((hug)) I hope you healed quickly and that your heart is healing too!