Saturday, October 13, 2007

Weekly Report 4

I've missed a report so I'll combine two weeks here. I have to say that our school days are fairly boring! I need to come up with some interesting projects for the kids to do.

One thing I have done to help day go more smoothly is to make an assignment book for my 9 yo son. He likes knowing before the day starts what is expected of him. He is usually ready to be done with school after two subjects. Now he know before we start what subjects we are covering that day and I don't hear the sighs when I ask him to get his history notebook. I write out that week's schedule on Saturday or Sunday morning. This is our plan for next week. As we finish a task, he crosses it out.

I keep track of all our work through the online organizer at Simply Charlotte Mason.

Our 9 yo son is reading the book Brighty of the Grand Canyon. After our trip through Oatman back in August, I thought he would be interested in reading about a burro living in the Grand Canyon. Reading is not his favorite activity but he is managing to slowly make his way through this book.

(Here's a video we made of the wild burros in Oatman, Arizona.)

Our 6 yo is doing well with spelling and cursive writing. We haven't gotten to the point of connecting the letters yet. Once he has the alphabet down, we will work on that. We use Spell to Write and Read (SWR) for our spelling curriculum. It is wonderful!

Our 4 yo daughter wasn't going to be left out the other day. She wants to learn to write her name. I made some dots for her to trace.

While we were all getting ready yesterday morning, our 19 month old decided to conduct a science experiment by herself. What will happen if I pour an entire bottle of liquid foundation onto the carpet? How loud will Mommy scream? How long will Mommy cry? How hard and how long will Mommy scrub before she realizes it is impossible to remove makeup from the carpet? How much money will Mommy have to spend to pay a professional to clean the carpet? Will a professional even get it clean? kind of looks like an angel.


Rhonda said...

I like your assignment book. My DS also does better if he knows exactly what to expect for the day. Springing things on him throughout the day does not go well.

Do you think the Simply Charlotte Mason organizer is worth the money? I've looked at it, but can't decide if I want to commit.


Christy said...

I like the organizer. I signed up for a free month-long trial. It takes time to set it up because you have to enter all your sources. Most sources I used were already on file so that made the process easier. The neatest thing about it is that you can generate reports of all the work your dc have done. I can make the reports for any time frame I choose. It not only keeps track of accomplishments but is a daily scheduler as well. It's definitely worth the free trial. See if you like it!

I haven't tried any other organizers. I have heard good things about EduTrack and Homeschool Tracker. Then you would only have a one-time cost instead of a monthly fee.

Rhonda said...

Thanks, Christy. I'm going to do the free trial and see what I think.

I've looked at EduTrack and Homeschool Tracker, but they are so much more complicated and have more than I would ever possibly use.


Rhonda said...


I wanted to let you know that I signed up for the trial of the SCM organizer and absolutely love it. I found that I actually use it and it is very easy.

My trial is up today and I subscribed. Thanks for encouraging me to give it a try.