Thursday, March 11, 2010

Maryland State Dinner

Maryland Spoonbread
Marinated tomato and cucumber salad

Smith Island Cake (official state dessert)
Milk (official state beverage)

Blue crab is one of Maryland's leading products. McCormick, the spice company that makes Old Bay Seasoning, is head quartered in Sparks, Maryland. A friend of ours who grew up in Maryland said that whenever he wants food to taste like something from his childhood, he sprinkles some Old Bay Seasoning on it. (I cheated and bought premade crab cakes. They were on sale at our local natural foods store.) Corn was one of the foods discovered in the New World and cornmeal quickly became a staple in Colonial times. Spoonbread is a cornmeal-based pudding or souffle culturally connected to the Southern states and often served with fried seafood. Tomatoes and cucumbers are important vegetable crops grown in Maryland. Smith Island Cake is the official state desert of Maryland. Smith Island is the only inhabited island in Chesapeake Bay. Needless to say, everyone loved the cake! The frosting is very fudgy.


mshel333 said...

Is that a bunch of layers? Looks soooo good! Crab cakes sound good too.

Christy said...

That's ten layers!

Dawn S. said...

Hmmm, can't decide whether or not you're crazy...ok, YUP! Ya are! WOWZERS, GIRL!

mshel333 said... I had to pan broil some shrimp tonight with Old Bay seasoning and serve over lettuce for a delicious shrimp salad. (Also added fresh garlic and onion to the pan.) Yummy.