Thursday, September 2, 2010

First Two Weeks

Our first two weeks of school have gone well. I am so proud of our oldest son. He has never liked school all that much and needs so many reminders to focus. He really liked the checklists and I think I had to remind him only once or twice the first week to get back on task.

I think everyone's favorite subject is music. They have pretty much learned their hymn for this month and folksong for this term. The only problem is that I have those songs rolling through my head constantly. Have you ever sang "Waltzing Matilda" for three solid days and even had it invade your dreams? It's not as fun as it sounds.

Our artist this term is Albrecht Durer. These first two weeks we have been studying his woodcut "The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse." We made some prints of our own using potato "cuts".

We do our Bible reading, music (hymns, folksongs and classical), art, nature study, and zoology together. Our 1st grader also reads a daily poem and does math, spelling, literature, history, nature study through literature (we are reading Burgess Bird Book for Children and James Herriot's Treasury for Children), and geography. Our 4th and 6th graders also do all these subjects plus a science experiment every other week.

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