Sunday, September 14, 2008

Weekly Report 8

Homeschooling while working full-time, 6 days a week is hard. But we are hanging in there. I made some assignment books for each our boys. Now there is no excuse for wandering away from their desks if Mom is called out to pump propane, take someone's rent money or anything else. They have their daily assignments and if they finish one thing, they should start on the next thing they *can* do. (Instead of "Mom, I couldn't do spelling so I didn't do anything else and that's why I'm over here playing with Legos instead of focusing on my schoolwork.") Of course, it doesn't always happen that smoothly but it has been pretty good so far.

This week we had the chance to observe a baby bunny. We have a lot of bunnies in our RV park. One resident brought it over to us because she didn't want a cat to get it. It stayed huddled up underneath our hibiscus bush all day. It was so little!

We took this opportunity to do our Green Hour Challenge #2: Using Your Words. The assignment was to observe quietly. Then with one word describe what you heard. With two words describe what you saw and with three words describe what you felt. Here is what my 7-year-old son came up with: What I heard: tweet-tweet, bzzzzzz; What I saw: bunny rabbit, red spider, some birds (well, he got his two words!); What I felt: hard concrete sidewalk, hot air. Here is what my 10-year-old said: What I heard: buzz, wind; What I saw: baby bunny (and he drew hearts around that); What I felt: rough dry dirt, nice clear water. I was good for building observation skills and strengthening their use of descriptive words.


mshel333 said...

That was a good exercise. ("Some birds" - lol!) Cute little baby bunny. DId they give it a name?

Christy said...

No, they didn't name it but they set up a little box with some bits of lettuce and carrot and an old rag. They didn't understand why the bunny preferred to stay under the bush. lol

They wanted to keep it as a pet. I think they still have a problem with wild vs. tame animal. It's not hard to understand when it is a snake, but when it's a cute little cuddly bunny, they want to keep it! The next morning they ran out to check on him but he was gone.

Dawn S. said...

That is cute! and I can't imagine how busy you are! Stay tough!